Budget Analyst

County of Henrico Department of Finance Budget Office

Works closely with County departments to prepare the five-year Capital Improvement
plan. Monitors expenditures of all approved Capital Improvement projects; works with
County departments to prepare annual budgets. Monitors department’s budgets and
prepares expenditure forecasts. Analyzes budget estimates and prepares summaries
for budget presentations. Reconciles budgetary accounts to insure agreement
between control accounts and details. Obtains additional data and substantiation of
budget estimates and request from departments as necessary. Reviews requests
from departments and agencies to transfer funds within their budget. Schedules,
organizes, coordinate, and participates in work sessions with agency heads, key
personnel, and others in reviewing and negotiating budget requests; assists
departments with budget appropriation requests and prepares summaries to be
presented to the Board of Supervisors; assists department users in utilizing budget
data collection software, including OMB’s current budget system; advises
departments on established budgetary policies, guidelines and procedures; serves as
a subject matter expert for OMB staff. May lead and supervise office/team projects as
assigned. Prepares presentation for OMB, County Manager, or other key officials;

researches State and Federal legislation, economic and policy trends, identifies
potential impact to County, and provides reports on finds to Budget Supervisor and
Budget Director; works closely with departments to understand departmental
programs, operations and operational issues; performs other duties as assigned.
Knowledge of public administration; knowledge of principles and practices of
accounting and budgeting; aptitude in handling financial data and an understanding of
modern data processing applications and methods; ability to analyze cost data in
relation to program information; ability to work well with others, including all levels of


To apply for this job please visit henrico.us.