VWPF Diversity Equality and Inclusion

DEI’s mission is to:

Cultivate, foster, transform and impact our membership and sphere of influence through promoting, teaching, and modeling our deep commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion by:

  • Speaking out against racism and removing barriers to equality and inclusion in our membership participation and program offerings
  • Celebrating diversity as a means to highlight and showcase the contributions from underrepresented members, programs, and partnerships

Resources for personal reflection and growth can be found here.

Our sincere intent is to be a true change agent by welcoming fresh perspectives, visibility, and concrete actions for the long term.  The DEI committee will formulate and develop goals, priorities, and content related to:

  • Programs and Events – engaging and retaining participation from members of color by fostering inclusion and removing barriers of participation
  • Partners and Business relationships – seeking partnerships with established organizations supporting minority programs as well as reviewing and pursing business relationships with minority owned and operated businesses
  • Scholarship Offerings  – provide financial scholarship support for minority candidates looking to pursue a public finance career