About Us

Virginia Women in Public Finance is a chapter of a national organization, called Women in Public Finance (www.wpfc.com), which seeks to advance women’s leadership opportunities by fostering relationships and providing educational activities and forums. Participants include state and local government issuers, not-for-profit issuers, investment bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, rating agency analysts, trust officers, and municipal market investors.



The Virginia chapter intends to focus on providing networking and mentoring opportunities. Mentoring efforts will be within the current ranks of women in this business (i.e., providing strong role models, answering questions regarding challenges specific to working women) and with women in college and high school (i.e., promoting the benefits of careers in public finance). The goal of mentoring younger women is to encourage more women to choose careers in public finance, hopefully strengthening the next generation of leaders. Virginia WPF plans to have smaller regional events four to six times per year throughout the Commonwealth. Current plans for future regional events include social hours, special guest speakers, and panel discussions at colleges and universities.

WPF WOMEN IN PUBLIC FINANCE® is a registered trademark of Women in Public Finance and WPF WOMEN IN PUBLIC FINANCE, VIRGINIA CHAPTER is a trademark of Women in Public Finance, Virginia Chapter and WOMEN IN PUBLIC FINANCE, VIRGINIA CHAPTER is an independent organization separate and apart from the national organization.